Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Cookies Part 2 of 2

Although Christmas is over, I never actually finished
talking about my Christmas cookies. The picture
shows all of the goodies (except my puppy chow) that I brought for my family to indulge on. My favorite cookies are the ones on the left that for some reason are all blue (I did blue, green and red ones). They are an old sugar cookie recipe from one of my Dad's co-workers' wife. They are the most amazing cookies in the world. My first batch came out awful so I decided to head to the Elkin household to see what I was doing wrong. My dad spent an afternoon teaching me how to make the best, most fluffy cookies. They were quite the success. I know that I will be making these every year for as long as people will eat them. The only draw back was that Mark saw how much margerine is in he won't eat them!
On another note, I got a lot of kitchen related gifts for Christmas this year and I am looking forward to blogging my new experiments. Specifically, I got a Crock-Pot. I am really looking forward to trying it out and seeing what all kinds of yummy creations it can produce. Wish me luck!

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