Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As a general trend, Mark and I have about three Italian meals a week. He is a full 1/2 Italian and I am convinced I was a large Italian lady in another life. Last night was Italian meal number two for the week (the first being Maggiano's curtesy of Mrs. Debbie Bombulie). It turned out amazing and only took me about 40 minutes to prepare from start to getting it in the oven. Although that sounds like a lot of time, for lasagna that is really good! Also, the sauce made enough for the meal and I had half the pot left over to freeze for speggetti sometime next week which is AWESOME. One of my goals, besides cooking great tasting food, is to make sure that I can really stretch my grocery budget. The fact that I took one meal and turned it into two is just great.

If anyone ever wants one of my recipes, please leave a comment with your email and I will email it to you!

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